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Sections of IELTS Test

Resource for the Latest Material of Sections of IELTS Test. It contains a large free material of Sections of IELTS Test along with free preparation material of IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, English Grammar and other English Tests.

Sections of IELTS Test

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IELTS covers all the following four skills :
  • Listening Section of IELTS
    The Listening Module takes around 30 minutes, there are 40 questions.

    In Listening section, the candidates listen to a number of recorded texts, which increase in dificulty as the text progresses. These include a mixture of conversations and dialogues and feature a variety of English accents and dialects.
    The recording is heard only once, but candidates are given time to read the questions and record their answers.

    There are a total of four sections; the first two sections are concerned with social needs , while the last two sections are concerned with situations related more closely to educational or training contexts.

  • Reading Section of IELTS
    The Academic Reading Module takes 60 minutes, there are 40 questions.

    There are three reading passages with tasks. Texts are taken from books, magazines, journals and newspapers, all written for a non-specialist audience. At least one of the texts contains a detailed logical argument. One text may contain non-verbal materials such as diagrams, graphs or illustrations. Text and tasks become increasingly difficult through the paper.

  • Writing Section of IELTS
    The Academic Writing Module takes 60 minutes. There are two tasks to complete. For the first task; candidates write a report of around 150 words based on material found in a table or diagram, demonstrating their ability to describe and explain data. It is suggested that about 20 minutes be spent on task 1.

    For the second task; candidates write a short esay of around 250 words in response to an opinion or a problem. They are expected to demonstrate an ability to discuss issues, construct an argument and use the appropriate tone and register. It is suggested that about 40 minutes be spent on task 2.
    Candidates should note that scripts under the required minimum word limit are penalized.

  • Speaking Section of IELTS
    The Speaking Module takes between 11 to 14 minutes. It consists of an oral interview between the candidates and an examiner. Candidates are asessed on their use of spoken English to answer short questions, speak at length on a familiar topic, and also to ask questions and interact with the examiner.
IELTS includes nine levels from Non User to Expert User.
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I want to prepare for the IELTS to reach a high score. At 4EnglishExams.com I can take free interactive questions to increase my Sections of IELTS Test vocabulary and learn in detail about Sections of IELTS Test. In addition I can speak to other people who are preparing for the IELTS to share experiences on the IELTS forum. It is very difficult to collect all the material of Sections of IELTS Test but we tried our best to provide you all information about Sections of IELTS Test for free and free material for the preparation of IELTS along with free books of IELTS.
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